Advice & support

Experience more than service

Working with you, advising you, is actually part of our DNA. Whatever your project is, wherever you may work from, a dedicated partner will always be there to consult with you. Upstream, they guarantee the respect of your ideas and deadlines. From the designing phase to the setting of the mannequins in your boutique, from production to shipping, we handle a great deal of services and cover the entire process. This is what makes our offer flexible and enables us to follow you no matter the background or the approach you take. Cofrad more than sell mannequins. Indeed, as a Visual Merchandiser primary partner we thrive on an ever evolving array of essential services :make-up, customization, ready-to-rent, mint condition mannequins , and financial support.For 40 years, Cofrad has been the supplier to the top fashion brands. We understand what is fundamental in your brand identity and translate it into a specific shape, style and colour.

Mannequins renovation

Creating a new
lease of life

For Cofrad, this is an ethical matter. Creating a new lease of life for your mannequins, no matter the brand, is a way to for us make an eco-responsible statement towards a more sustainable fashion. Whatever your demands may be (a simple repair or a full makeover), our renovation service is committed to supplying you with a high quality product, close to a brand-new condition, with a limited investment. Extending a mannequin’s life is prolonging its emotional power.


Mannequins rental


Fast and Effective

Our goal is to make your life easier. For all those occasions that call for mannequins, busts or accessories during a limited time, how about selecting our rental service ? Simplify your task and save substantial time and costs thanks to our stock comprising more than a 1000 mannequins – from the latest collections to vintage models, common postures to more extreme stances – all ready-to-rent. Cofrad rental service also enables you to choose them in situ or to get them customized or made-up. Seen as a European reference, our unparalleled short-term rental service guarantees an unpararel level responsiveness.

We take care
of everything

Showing flexibility is Cofrad’s creed. Trust us with your project, settle upon convenience and certainty with our long term mannequins, busts or even accessories rental. This service constantly provides you with new designs, up to a 4 year lease. Get control of your costs through a fixed monthly budget. Keep your charges to a minimum while keeping up with the latest trends. As an essential sale device, a mannequin’s first trade is efficiency. It should be practical, boost your performances and enhance your clients experience. Since we love turnkey solutions, Cofrad also covers the mannequins retrieval at the end of the rental period. Why should you choose between, quality, simplicity or peace of mind ?


1000 mannequins second-hand


Quality, price
and diversity

Choosing used mannequins allows you to incur high quality at an affordable expense. With Cofrad, it also means you get to choose among the most beautiful brands – Roostein, Schlappi – within a wide range of mannequin types and busts – realistic, abstract, lying down, sitting, in motion or even suspended mannequins… – Multiple references are immediately available. Besides this unrivalled choice, you also combine reliability with serenity, as all our second-hand mannequins can be renovated or madeover. This is unprecedented in our line of business.

Financing solutions

A trusting

Offering you installment plans* is part of that trusting relationship we wish to build with you. That is how you can renew your mannequin stock entirely, all at once, and with limited budgets. You can also, at any time, develop a broad concept and maximise its impact from the get-go. We are committed to helping and ensuring your success.

*over a 3 to 4 year period, subject to acceptance from our financial partners