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Innovation isn’t only form, it is also found in the finishing touches. A multitude of details that will personalize the mannequins embodying your brand. Make them unique. Our finish might be creative (a custom color, a particular varnish, an exclusive fabric) or functional (a hook handbag holder in a hand or on a shoulder, a suspension system to hang busts…) or even technical (a new material, an innovative process). Our Studio incorporates the latest design and fashion evolutions or social influences. Then our sculptors convert them into shapes, styles and materials. We were the very first to launch chrome, translucent or bi-material mannequins in both fabric and fiberglass. We always keep an eye on developments in order to present the forefront of the newest trends.


a la carte mannequins

A custom-made ambassador

We offer you “carte blanche” to conceive with us the ideal mannequin. The one which is not used anywhere else, the one which will enable you to make a difference. With our extensive experience and throughout the many strong collaborations we developed with notorious brands, we can provide a response to the most technical demands. With us, you can sculpt your mannequin from scratch, or even create your own ambassador by assembling elements from our collections. For instance, imagine this head, with that body… Cofrad custom service is simple and without-equal.


mannequin MAKE-UP

A personality insight

A brush is a bit much like a magic wand. Our professional makeup artists give one of the final touches to your mannequin. They work with light and shade for a one-of-a-kind result. Inside our Parisian Ateliers, they manage colours, effects, textures to highlight the uniqueness of your collections. Each project is adapted to your needs, your restrictions, your background : whether you are looking for a display or an interior scenery – airbrushed patterns or brush designs – facial or body painting – For more than 30 years, our Patina V mannequins have been known for their realistic make-up. Moreover, the abstract techniques abilities of our teams ensure the trust and fidelity of our Faubourg St-Honoré clients. Granting you such an extensive palette of trends always sets out a harmonious standout.

mannequins wig

A few strands of individuality

Our wigs are custom-made to give life and character to your realistic mannequins. From casual to Avant-Garde styles, we can offer you a wide array of options. The wigs are hand styled and are fitted to a specific head size based on your head selection. They come separately in their own box on a wig maker foam form. All wigs include push pins to secure the wigs onto the heads of the mannequins. As a timeless accessory, Cofrad’s wigs compliment your mannequins figures.

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Presenting your purest emotions

Make a difference every time you plan an event – a launch party, an exhibition, a pop up store, a press release, or a capsule collection – Cofrad can accommodate you with a wide selection of ready-to-rent mannequins. Need a specific shade – neon, colourblock, pastels – an uncommon material – mozaïc, fine fabric – or a specific posture – suspended or lying down mannequins ? Our Atelier features a complete service range to customize and create make-ups on your mannequin choice. The only limit is your imagination.