Generating emotions

Our mission : through our creations and services, we introduce you to mannequins that will embody your retail identity. Cofrad is an emotional value creator. Accordingly, we work with passion, as we cultivate our artisan legacy with a constant interest in innovations. With our positive attitude and dynamic team spirit, we are able to offer services integrating both respect, trust and listening. An ideal setting to take care of all your projects. All this makes us the perfect partner for building and directing your own story



since 1976, Cofrad has brought life to fashion

A family group created in 1976, we have built our reputation on daring choices and decisions. Now a world leader, we distinguish ourselves through our international presence and a unique positioning with our passionate approach to our three professions, which guarantee you a quality product and service that sets us apart :
• Designer, through our two brands About Display and Patina-V.
• Manufacturer, thanks to our 10 000 m2 factory in Los Angeles and our partners in Asia and Europe.
An exclusive offer for clients without comparison.


mannequin realiste; mannequin femme realiste; windows mannequins

diversity, creativity,
exceptional sculptures

Eclectic notes and an avant-garde touch, Patina-V combines the best of both worlds : New-York style and Los Angeles trends. Poetic and postmodern, Patina V designs mannequins with the most sought-after poses and exquisite sculptures. With a large range in each collection and an extensive selection of accessories and decorative objects, there’s no end to the creativity of your staging with the Patina-V line.

SIMPLICITy, Responsiveness,

Let us cut to the chase, let us cut to the fashion talk. Akin to the « less is more » motto, About Display offers in-vogue collections, capturing the essence of trends while adding that little “French Touch ”, that “ je-ne-sais-quoi, ” which makes all the difference. Abstract mannequins, fashion attitudes, and numerous vintage and couture products ; flexible, functional and fully customizable, About Display coordinates simplicity and sophistication.

mannequin de vitrine homme; windows mannequins


the studio


Enter our bespoke parlor where creating mannequins is a fashion affair. Skillfull fingers and sharp spirits enable us to associate traditional craftsmanship, a “French Touch” legacy to a state-of-the-art technicality. Within our Paris and Los Angeles workshops, many crafts distill the latest trends to instill them, for you, inside your displays. Art directors, designers, sculptors all work hand in hand to showcasing innovative materials, fresh finish and countless colours. We design two mannequin collections a year. And since your identity is our priority, we also create accessories and decoration props… An entire scenography to spread out the essence of your universe.



The main goal inside our designing and production Ateliers is to find that perfect balance between form and function for each of our mannequins. For 40 years, the keywords inside our Paris and Los Angeles Ateliers for our sculptors, molders, restorative painters have been high demand and highest level of expertise. Working in close collaboration with our Studio, we keep looking forward with up-and-coming technologies such as 3D. We make the most of innovations and our heritage to design and invent tomorrow’s mannequins.

Mannequins production and respect for international standards

Seaming quality with ethics

We have a production capacity of 10 000 mannequins per month and choose eco-responsible materials. Furthermore, all of our production sites are strictly controlled according to the highest international quality standards.


Le monde est notre vitrine

Nous souhaitons être au plus près de vous. C’est ainsi que nos studios, nos showrooms, nos plateformes logistiques sont implantés dans le monde entier. Avec plus de 150 collaborateurs à travers l’Europe dans nos filiales au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne et en Espagne mais aussi aux Etats-Unis et en Asie, nous sommes multiculturels et multi-talents. C’est en combinant les expériences, les sensibilités et les savoir-faire, que nous sommes en mesure de répondre à vos exigences, dans le monde entier.
Nous vous invitons à venir nous rencontrer sur nos showrooms à Paris, New York et Los Angeles.


Exigence et excellence

Nous sommes très attentifs à la qualité de nos produits et accordons une attention toute particulière aux détails, à la fabrication et aux finitions. Nos départements qualité veillent sur vos commandes. Depuis plus de 15 ans, nous œuvrons, main dans la main, avec les mêmes partenaires. Ils connaissent bien nos exigences, nous les avons fait évoluer et ils sont devenus les meilleurs sites de production dans chaque région du monde. Pour toutes ces raisons, les grandes enseignes internationales nous font confiance


Reliable down to the last mile

At Cofrad’s, delivery deadlines are a priority. This is why we developed a worldwide presence. working near you, our European and American teams have been trained with major international groups. They always keep a watchful eye to find the best qualified providers and the most environment-friendly transport.
We anticipated your every need in case of urgency : a stock of ready-to-rent mannequins or a second-hand service. And no matter the demand, we always have the solution.