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Elle & Drive

a story of window display mannequins



Inspired by the works of Fritz Wotruba, Henry Moore and Brancusi



Elegance and feminity for those twelve classic positions



A broad collection that gives Visual Merchandisers greater freedom


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  • Trait for trait

    Customisation for Lanvin windows displays

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  • chrome

    Launch party pack mercury adidas

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  • Legwork

    Realisation for Berluti Windows display and Jelmoli stagings

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  • Windows display

    June’s windows display

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At Cofrad’s, delivery deadlines are a priority. This is why we developed a worldwide presence. working near you, our European and American teams have been trained with major international groups. They always keep a watchful eye to find the best qualified providers and the most environment-friendly transport.
We anticipated your every need in case of urgency : a stock of ready-to-rent mannequins or a second-hand service. And no matter the demand, we always have the solution.

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vente de mannequin de vitrine
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we believe in art

As a craft built from suggestion, our activity requires some ties not only to fashion and design but also to the world of Art. These affinities drive us into making multiple contacts and collaborations : from Galerie Joyce to French photographer Valérie Belin, to a retrospective of Lanvin at Parisian Fashion Museum Galliera, to artists such as Iris Brosch, Ralph Pucci, Ruben Toledo, Andrée Putman, Kenny Scharf, Alexandra B., Adrian Wilson, Woojung Park..

We get really passionate when it comes to branching out and sharing our expertise with others, as when we worked with Maison de Couture On Aura Tout Vu or fashion designer Olivier Châtenet. We love to think outside the box and work for catwalk events, during fashion weeks or for trade fairs such as Maison & Objets or Who’s Next.

We do believe that stage producing a window display goes far beyond Beauty : it deals with inspiration and already creating an emotion.

mannequin de vitrine femme; mannequins; mannequins femme