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The Ralph Pucci: Art of The Mannequin continues to receive great coverage. Check out Design: Retail and @[47275538156:274:Interior Design Magazine] to read up on the exhibition @[49098501182:274:MADmuseum] which will run through the summer. Wishing everyone a nice Memorial Day Weekend

Maybe we could arrange a dance floor for our mannequins and these jellies?

Can you handle it? #ShakeIt:


Nice surrounding for our mannequins at Sonia Rykiel

Retail Focus Magazine

Fashion meets paperback at Sonia Rykiel's pop-up in Paris #retaildesign #vm #paris #soniarykiel #books #literature #fashion

An avalanche of press !

Retail Focus Magazine

Ralph Pucci International The Art of the Mannequin opens in New York at the MAD | Museum of Arts and Design. The exhibition explores the work of the world renowned designer since the 1970s. #retaildesign #vm #mannequins #newyork #ralphpucci

Our soccer player kicking life at Lord&Taylor. Nice in repetition !

Find Out How Ralph Pucci Makes Mannequins Do Yoga With Christy Turlington At This New York Exhibit
The year was 2001. Supermodel Christy Turlington was starting to fashion her own clothing line, designed to be worn while practicing yoga. Given that yoga was still foreign to most Americans, retailers had no idea how to show her garments. The typical mannequin was anything but flexible. Yet there w…

Ralph Pucci : L’art du mannequin
Le Museum of Art and Design de New York consacre une exposition au travail de Ralph Pucci. L’homme est né dans l‘État de New York et il a grandi avec des mannequins. Ses parents réparaient des mannequins et Ralph Pucci s’est consacré à dessiné, crée et transformer les mannequins et à en faire des ob…

Getting body-conscious with mannequin wunderkind Ralph Pucci as he takes over The Museum of Arts and Design:

"Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin"
Designer Ralph Pucci took the idea of a “supermodel,” or a living mannequin with a personality, to new heights with his easily recognizable mannequin sculptures....

Mannequins by designer Ralph Pucci fill NYC exhibition
A room full of mannequins is the subject of a new museum exhibition in New York City.

A Conversation with Ralph Pucci
In the world of contemporary interior design Ralph Pucci is the icon who creates the trends rather than follow them....

Ralph Pucci’s Unique Bodies of Work
‘Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin’ opens this week at the Museum of Arts and Design.

Mannequins Are the Subject of Ralph Pucci's New Exhibition
Dozens of the mannequins will be on view at Manhattan’s Museum of Arts and Design in “Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin”

The Ralph Pucci Mannequins Coming to the MAD Museum Are Anything But Stiff
The Columbus Circle museum showcase of the mannequin maker's designs begins on March 30th.

Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin at MAD Museum
Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin is the first museum exhibition to explore the work of renowned designer Ralph Pucci.

Tonight is the opening of RALPH PUCCI - THE ART OF THE MANNEQUIN at the New York City Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), an exhibition exploring 30 years of the work of a visionary man we have collaborated with for almost two decades. This exhibition is a major event in our small industry as it is the very first time mannequins are shown not to celebrate a famous clothing designer, but simply as Piece of Art.
If you travel to NYC between april and end of august 2015, you definitely must see this.

Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin
Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin will be the first museum exhibition to explore the work of renowned New York-based designer Ralph Pucci, who is widely regarded for his innovative approach to the familiar form of the mannequin. Having collaborated with luminaries such as Diane von Furstenberg,…

MAD Celebrates Ralph Pucci and Fashion Mannequins in New Exhibit - Accessories Magazine
The Olympian Goddess, 1986: Pucci’s first big collaboration, this mannequin premiered at the opening for Barneys downtown women's store in 1986, as a colla

Mannequins at the Museum
A new exhibition looks back at Ralph Pucci’s 40 years of collaborating on innovative forms, from the sculptural to the anatomically accurate.

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SOLD OUT We are honored to say that Ralph Pucci: Art of the Mannequin is now sold out for the opening night reception @[49098501182:274:MADmuseum]. If you are unable to see the exhibition on opening night, you will be able to see it from March 31st - August 30th.

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